Does penis size matter to a woman? What do women really think about penis size? Does penis size matter to a woman at all?

There are many studies on the subject and each study seems to come up with different results.

A study by the Cornell University going on for 9 years included 5,793 heterosexual, heterosexual-identified women and 4,798 heterosexual nulliparous women. They took in consideration the penis size, girth as well as erect penis length. They then analyzed the information such as the level of relation, education of the mother and a significant other, as well as the birth order and personality worship for any correlation with penis size and other sexual features. Within these participants, it was found:

“Larger penis size in general was associated with many positive sexual features, especially more desirable female and male orgasm.

What is the average penis size?

There are no typical answers to that question. Respected and renowned sexologist, sex educator, psychiatrist, and author, Dr. Michael H. Weiner, says it depends where you live, whether you are at the lowest or highest weights, and whether you were an athlete, rower, etc.

Back to research, which is what you want to hear, what do women really think? So out of the 25 women that he surveyed, and this was a survey of women from 21 years, Some of these women are married and some are unmarried, for women, size does not matter. 21 out of the 25 respondents said no, size does not matter. There was one woman that was sitting on the fence. And there were another three that actually said size does matter.

Size matters

The first comments research will reveal are the ones that were actually the yes. He showed two of the comments. The first one was:yes, penis size matters, feels heaps better and more pleasurable. This was a woman aged 56. The second yes was:yes, it does matter, she don’t think she’ll get pleasure because of society norms, and this was a woman aged 22. The only fence sitter was to the question size does matter, she said, yes, size does matter because it’s a lot more pleasurable in a sensory way, but there’s a lot more to great intimacy than size. And this was a woman aged 49 years old.

Size doesn’t matter

For women who think size doesn’t matter, they have their own understanding and ideas This was a first response from a 56-year-old woman: totally size does not matter, it is the heart that matters, the inside bit, people need to be comfortable with their form. Another one along those lines: no, interviewee have experienced different sizes, and, to be honest, the best involves other parts. Knowing a woman’s body is what matters, because once that is understood, size does not matter at all. And that was a woman aged 39. Another comment along these lines, if you’re big and don’t know how to use it, it’s pretty pointless; if you’re small, but know how to use it, it’s fantastic, regardless of size. And finally, along this particular theme, size doesn’t really matter, more important is technique, honesty and passion. The first thing is confidence and skill. The second thing was enjoyment, and what mattered to women was enjoyment. And one woman, aged 69, says, his size doesn’t matter, it’s about pleasure and fun. And the average woman doesn’t have a tape measure in their pocket.

To the surprise of the researcher. A number of women actually mentioned physical comfort and discomfort associated with large size. A woman said in an emailed response to the research: She’s 48, size Matters after hysterectomy and pelvic floor repairs. She’s shallow, She can definitely not handle anything too large comfortably. And researcher thinks this is a really important comment, because the major surgery in women is hysterectomy. So everyone needs to think about the fact that large size can be causing issues for women that have undergone pelvic surgery, so face it.

Here are two more examples: In terms of physical comfort, no, large size can feel very painful. She experienced that once only, and there’s no going back for her. And she was 23. And the last comment is: no, She think men have a distorted sense of what an average size is, and the misconception that larger equals better,when, for many women, large size is uncomfortable and painful. If that’s all that mattered,then women would just go straight for the XL size battery powered devices and stop dating altogether. And this was from a woman aged 34.


There are two keys take home messages. The first take home message for most men is that most men underestimate their actual size compared with that of other men. The second take home message is that for most women, size doesn’t matter, it’s other things like technique, it’s like compassion, enjoyment. And also too,for some women, large size is actually painful.Researcher own personal view is that The results of the collected information are surprising, especially the information in terms of pain.

Researcher thinks that if a man focuses on not that how he’s performing, so focusing on what he’s doing, stay in the moment, then he really can’t go wrong.

Finally, researcher really hope this information helps you understand what women feel important to them during intimacy.



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